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Active Sync stopped on Exchange 2003

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  • Active Sync stopped on Exchange 2003


    We have a front end server and 3 exchange 2003 servers all with users using Iphones 3 & 4.

    Last week one of the servers just stopped sendind email and the iphones now cannot connect to it. The other 2 serveres are OK and still working fine.

    Web mail for these users also doesn't work. Is there a clue here?

    For iphones we have done tests with https://domain/OMA and although the login screen comes up still can't log in for these specific users on this server.

    So my question is what is it on an exchange server that controls activesync and web mail and/or how can you you reset it, look at whats happing or what errors may be logged where or anything.

    Thanks for any help in advance.

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    Re: Active Sync stopped on Exchange 2003

    Use the above link to troubleshoot further. Whats the error message on the device when you synchronise? And do note OMA has no relation to Active Sync other than being another method to view exchange mail.

    Additionally whats the error message users get when they try to access OWA? Are they able to at least get to the login page or is it an authentication issue?


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      Re: Active Sync stopped on Exchange 2003


      Useful tool suggested - created a new test user and OWA access OK now - but Actvie sync still fails with
      Exchange ActiveSync returned an HTTP 500 response.

      Followed link to suggested fix regarding permissions and all ok.

      Ran same tool and test for another test user on each of the other 2 Exchange servers and they pass OK.

      I think it may be something simple as it was working and just stopped one night.

      Thanks for any advice


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        Re: Active Sync stopped on Exchange 2003

        Thanks, for the link.


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          Re: Active Sync stopped on Exchange 2003

          <engage level 1 helpdesk>
          Have you tried switching it off and back on again?
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