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blackberry sync confusion

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  • blackberry sync confusion

    Blackberrys are related to exchange, right ? (otherweise, please move.)

    I have a client who has two blackberries. One is connected to his employer's Blackberry Enterprise Service, and synchronises work content.

    The other is a personal blackberry, and synchronises elsewhere.

    Now a request has come to me to do the following:

    I manually sync via cable my personal USA carrier BB with my personal laptop. My personal laptop however sync's with Employer server, which updates my personal BB when I manually sync. (My UK Work BB sync automatically w both laptops but not personal USA BB)

    I'm only interested in sync contacts, tasks, and calendar not email.

    If that isn't possible, I suppose when I travel w my Work laptop only (not my personal laptop), I can install BB sync software and manually sync my personal BB and my Work laptop just as I now do betw my personal BB and personal laptop. If this is the only option, can you foresee any problems given the Work laptop is on server?
    Now, apart from confusing the absolute buggery out of me, is what he wants to do possible?

    synchronise contacts, tasks and calendar from Work email account to Personal Blackberry.
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    Re: blackberry sync confusion

    sorry nothing to do with exchange.

    You cannot sync 1 BB with two computers.

    Well you can................but really weird stuff happens.

    You can sync calendar tasks and contacts, you need desktop manager.
    I never heard of email sync via the cable, kinda defeats the entire purpose of a BB eh?

    Stick to one computer.
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      Re: blackberry sync confusion

      He can have both on the same device as long as it is provisioned correctly

      Personal = BIS
      Corp = BES

      When he wants to synch, he can choose which service to use, BIS or BES.