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Limit connections to SMTP server

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  • Limit connections to SMTP server

    Hi all

    Trying to get my head around this problem.

    At the moment i have a SMTP address (external to domain) that has a limit of 100 messages per minute.

    Now my issue is that the users need to send each week a bbc'ed email to 900 people.

    Now the SMTP server will tell the user to piss off and it wont work.

    My question is. if i install exchange 2003 on the server and still use this SMTP (which i cant change) so we are stuck with it.

    Can i change somewhere in exchange when the user/s send this email with 800 recipients bbc'ed it will queue it up and send 100 at a time?


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    Re: Limit connections to SMTP server

    Hi Ryzilla,
    You are probably referring to smarthost feature - an external server that is used to forward your email. If so, you cannot get around the restrictions it poses on you.
    Can you use a different smarthost or not use on a all? What is the reason you are using it?
    Are you sure that your SMTP virtual server is not the one restricting the number of messages?

    Also, you can tell your users it's not a good practice to send a message to that much recipients. Tell them to split the message to appropriate recipient number.
    If you install Exchange 2003, I believe the result will be the same:
    "Note The value that you specify depends on the messaging requirements of your organization and on the size of your organization's external distribution lists. Any messages that are larger than this number of recipients are returned to the sender with a non-delivery report (NDR)."

    MCSE 2003, MCITP EA, VCP4.


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      Re: Limit connections to SMTP server

      If you are sending out that amount of email to external recipients, you really should be using a tool designed to do the job - and that tool isn't Exchange.
      there are many third party services that can do it, and do it in such a way that means your messages aren't flagged as spam. You can also buy bulk emailing tools that can deal with bounces and unsubscribe requests. Things that Exchange cannot do.
      Use an appropriate tool for the job, which is not Exchange.

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