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Added new email domains, not getting thru

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  • Added new email domains, not getting thru

    I am completely stumped by this one. I hope I am just being a muppet and forgetting something simple, as I really cant work this one out!

    We've had our Exchange server 2003 running for a while now processing for our main domain (that it is part of) plus a few separate domains. All has been good. We also had several other domains on a secondary Exchange box at a different location and domain setup, using the first box as a connector. The second box has been retired, so the other domains have been moved across to be used as simple email accounts. I have setup the policies in ESM, MX records were done last week on those domains DNS server, everything looks correct, but whenever I send an email to one of these domains from an external account (eg hotmail) I just get a NDR stating the message could not be delivered.

    If anyone has a clue as to what is going on I would really appreciate the help.

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    Re: Added new email domains, not getting thru

    Without knowing what the NDR says, hard to say.
    Third party tool that accepts the email first perhaps? There are lots of causes, but based on what you have stated, hard to say what.

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