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SBS 2003 Brain Teaser - Have you ever seen..

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  • SBS 2003 Brain Teaser - Have you ever seen..

    Hi All,

    First post!

    I upgraded my phone to iOS 4.1 late Thursday night 28/10/10.

    This I thought went fine until the next Day when I realised my iphone wasnít syncing mail anymore Ė anyway long story short I discovered I was also unable to connect to my SBS server from my client workstation PC (Win7) or laptop (xp).

    Symptoms were: I couldnít ping the SBS server or connect to it in any way using ip or dns name from workstation/laptop (but could ping my router and other workstations) and by adding my ispís DNS and a secondary I at least had internet access from the clients.

    My server all this time could ping anything anywhere internal or external, surf online and even remote control the win7 pc that couldnít see it!! Other than not allowing any connection it was fine.

    I reset the switch, router and also tried other network cables just in case.

    No remote access was possible to the server but I was able to remote control the server using logmein (even from my iphone). I was out all day friday but used a remote session via log me in and webmail on my server to see my mail messages and so was just about able to function.

    Saturday - As I use Storage Craft ServerProtect SBS for image backups of this server I took a backup image of the server and then ran a recovery from before this issue occurred to a working day last week. Now I thought this would work but surprisingly SAME PROBLEM !!! I tried the other backup images I had still no go.

    OK I thought right this has to be a hardware issue - network adapter failure perhaps Ė I put in a new adapter, configured it reran ceicw and lo and behold SAME PROBLEM using any backup image!!! So not the adapter either!

    In the end I gave up for the day and I restored my server back to its state on Saturday Morning Ė and bu**er me its all started working normally!

    Now only my iphone isnít working fully - OWA and OMA work externally in any browser so no apparent issues there, but the phone canít sync my inbox. I created a new sub folder called abc put a message in there - and can see them on the phone ? so now some folders sync others donít.

    As a test I deleted my exchange account on the iphone and created a new account to another sbs 2003 Ė immediate setup, worked fine and no problems.

    I deleted this test account and set it back to my own server and same problem some sub folders sync but most do not!

    Iím flummoxed on this now but Iím sure itís an SBS or hardware problem and not the phone.

    Any thoughts most welcome

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    Re: SBS 2003 Brain Teaser - Have you ever seen..

    If OWA and Outlook can both see the email, and synchronise correctly, i'm suspecting an iphone problem.

    the issue only started occuring after you updated the phone, as you said yourself.
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      Re: SBS 2003 Brain Teaser - Have you ever seen..

      I have not seen this one, but I 2nd Camel and point to the iphone.

      It could of changed how part of the secruity was done, and stopped everything working (and now that its no longer connected, its all working again), but I have never seen anything like this one.

      Let us know (if you are willing to play around abit) if re-adding the exchange mailbox creates the problem again, and if so, if simply removing it removes the problem.

      Or we could blame it on a Gremlin living inside the server that you killed by all the restarts/reinstalls. And if we take that logic, lucky you did not have water cooling... or feed them after midnight.

      Good to be back....