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problem receiving email from .co domain

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  • problem receiving email from .co domain

    Here is the issue... The company is hosting exchange server 2k3 with two smtp addresses: and

    [email protected] sends email to [email protected] and to an external hotmail account for testing purposes. I can receive email at the hotmail account, but I don't receive email at my account. But when sent to [email protected] account the email does come through.

    I ran tests at MX Toolbox and everything appeared to be fine. I added to the approved senders list in TrendMicro. I've also done message tracking for [email protected] and the only message that appears is the email sent to [email protected] and not the
    I've checked the MX records and the settings appear to be correct.

    I've enabled diagnostic logging and nothing out of the ordinary appears on the logs.
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    Re: problem receiving email from .co domain

    The SMTP diag test from your server for the domain that cannot send to you is a waste of time, because that is a diag test for sending email to them, not receiving.
    As the recipient, there is very little that you can do, because until the message is delivered to you, it is out of your hands. If you don't have control over the sending domain then you will have to ask whoever does to see what happened to the message.

    If it doesn't appear in any logs, then the message hasn't been delivered to you, it has got blocked, lost or stuck further back in the chain, which is out of your hands.

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      Re: problem receiving email from .co domain

      Sembee thank you for your help. I will have the hosting service check on this for me.


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        Re: problem receiving email from .co domain

        ok - one thing i'll ask. you say exchange is hosting for two domains
        that means you've made exchange authoritative for both d\omains, and have recipient policies configured, right?

        Your MX record also points to your public ip on the exchange server?
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