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  • Exchange for Internal use only

    Hello there,
    I have a quick question about setting up an Exchange server that will really only have one function, that is to send email alerts from one of our applications.

    This is what we have now. Our email is hosted by Google Apps and I have been able to configure other software to use google to send email alerts (spiceworks) but we have an IBM product that just will not work with google. So what we were thinking about doing is installing an Exchanger server, make up some kind of domain name and have it only be able to send inside the domain. Actually the software will send and alert to one user only.

    I hope this makes sense.

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    Re: Exchange for Internal use only

    Seems a bit of a waste of money to buy Exchange just for that, unless you plan to move the rest of your email in house as well. Have you tried using the IIS SMTP service for your internal alerts? There are also open source SMTP servers you could try.
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      Re: Exchange for Internal use only

      I totally agree on the waste of time (mine) and money. I will check into the IIS SMTP that is something that I did not think of.


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        Re: Exchange for Internal use only

        or ust a linux server
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