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Exchanger server installation

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  • Exchanger server installation

    Iam new in the network feild,i already have windows 2003 server with domain controller ,i need to install exchange 2003 on another pc already a member of domain,my dout is that a seperate active directory is needed for exchange 2003 ,if i choose enterprise edition how many exchange users can create,there is any limitaion for it.

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    Re: Exchanger server installation

    You can use the Active Directory you have already in place, there is normaly no need to install another one.

    The number of users or mailboxes you can create is not limited by the Exchange version, it's more a issue of the used hardware and the size of the mailboxes.

    Wich Exchange version you want to use is dependent from the number of databases you need and the size of the database file overall.

    The more intresting question is, why you want to newly install such an old Exchange version. We have 2010 and the actual version is Exchange 2010 Service Pack 1. I recommend you have a look in this Exchange version before installing Exchange 2003.