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looking for consultant to my organizetion

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  • edri2000
    started a topic looking for consultant to my organizetion

    looking for consultant to my organizetion

    in my organization in using owa 2003 to connect our mail box in mx 2003.

    my main issue in the owa aplication.
    not easy to use , manage , itc .

    first : is ther another aplication that can connet to mx 2003 ? the awa of the mx 2007\2010 very good , but the cost is high ( licens + 35 cleint ) .

    seconde: can i disable the autentication in the logon , only if i'm in the terminal server ? i'm autenticate twice logon to ts + logon to awb .

    thanks to any one that can answer .


  • tehcamel
    Re: looking for consultant to my organizetion

    I'll be honest - I'm having trouble understanding your post.

    The title is "looking for a consultant" - does this mean you want an external specialist to complete the work, and you will pay them for it?

    You then say you have an issue managing and using OWA and ITC(I"m not sure what itc refers to)
    Could you expand on how you're having trouble managing's not very hard.

    Your next part- is there another application that can connect to MX? Do you mean is there another application, apart from Microsoft Outlook, that can be used to connect to the Exchange Server?
    If so, then yes, other clients can connect, but may not be as full featured. Entourage can do it, and I think there's a linux-based one too. It won't avoid your need for licences though - you still must purchase the exchange software license, plus the CALs for eacH user.

    Really, I', not sure what your second point is. Yes, you must authenticate to the Terminal SErver to logon. THat's pretty standard. But then you talk about needing to authenticate AGAIN for AWB - what's AWB?
    If you mean OWA - you can't turn off authentication, even just for a specific location, and more so, you shouldn't.

    If you're talking about using Outlook, well that shouldn't be prompting you for authentication a second time.

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