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Can't Manually Remove Ex 2003 Svr

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  • Can't Manually Remove Ex 2003 Svr

    I'm having real problems removing an Exchange 2003 server from an organisation. The problem is as follows: A customer has presented me with a DC running Win 2003, this in turn is running virtual server 2005 which in turn is running Exchange 2003 (there are only about 10 users on the domain, I have no idea why they have set it up like this!). VS was causing everything to run really slowly. I therefore decided to install exchange 2003 SP1 on the DC and move all mailboxes over before removing the Exchange from the VS and then VS itself. I moved all mailboxes to the DC (apart from the system mailboxes, which system manager would not let me move). I did a full AD search for mailboxes and it could find none on the original server. I then tried to uninstall Exchange from the VS using the install CD. It would not let me and said that one or more users still have mailboxes on that server even though they don't. I therefore decided to manually remove the server and followed MS recommendations to the letter. I then tried to remove the server from the organisation in system manager, every time I do this it tells me that "one or more users currently use a mailbox store on this server, these users must be moved to a mailbox store on a different server or be mail disabled before uninstalling this server, ID no: c103f492." The new server is working fine, all users mailboxes are working and I know I can probably leave the system like this. But to avoid any follow on problems I really want to get rid of all AD references to the first server before I uninstall the VS that hosted it. I'd be very grateful if someone could help me out.

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    Re: Can't Manually Remove Ex 2003 Svr

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