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  • Remove Failed Exchange Server

    Hi All,

    I have an Exchange 2003 Std Server and I am adding an Exchange 2003 Enterprise Server with the plan being to move all the mailboxes and services across and remove the old mail server from the environment.

    However, having added the new server the box itself now keeps coming up with a 'Hardware Error' about two minutes after logging on and despite HP's finest attending they cannot seem to fix it.

    I am either going to receive a new box or have to rebuild the current one but either way I need to remove the New Exchange Server from Exchange System Manger but I cannot uninstall Exchange as the box will not stay up. What is the cleanest way to do this?

    Also, instead of removing it I thought about building the new box with the same name but I feel this will cause all sorts of issues. In fact even if I remove the Server from AD and re-add it I am not sure if ESM would even let me add a Server of the same name. Is this correct?



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    Re: Remove Failed Exchange Server

    The best way is to remove it using add/remove programs. However if the machine will not stay up that long, that may well be impossible.

    The next way I would look at is wiping the machine without touching it, then building a replacement machine with the same name and adding it to the domain.
    Then doing a disaster recovery installation of Exchange. Once that is complete, remove it using add/remove programs. The machine can then be rebuilt and Exchange installed correctly (I don't like leaving DR installations in production).

    You can simply right click on the server in ESM and choose Remove, however that is a last ditch, everything else has been tried and failed, kind of thing.

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      Re: Remove Failed Exchange Server

      If you want to rebuilt the server with the same name or install a new one with the same name, just let the server and server account untouched in AD and ESM. You only need to reset the server account before adding the new or rebuilt one to the domain.

      After this make disaster recovery installation for Exchange 2003 and bring it up to the same software built as the failed one.

      If you had any data (mailbox or public folder) you need to restore the databases then.

      A quick search brought up this link:, you might be able to find even more.