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Sub-domain issue after installing first Exch2003 server into a Mixed Mode site

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  • Sub-domain issue after installing first Exch2003 server into a Mixed Mode site

    Hi All,

    I have a pressing issue regarding Exchange 2003 and how it deals with Exchange 5.5 sites containing mailboxes that are attributed to AD users in subdomains...

    Basically, our setup is that we have 3 5.5 sites, split between 3 domains (1 top-level domain, and 2 child domains), and I have run the ADC, which has picked up all 3 sites, and created ADC connection agreements for them.

    However, if I go into AD Users and Computers on one of the child domains, I see no Exchange-related tabs in the user properties of mail-enabled users (which I know have mailboxes). The Exchange tabs are present for all users in the top-level domain.

    Also, if I run the ConfigDSInteg and RecipientDSInteg tools, they show the following error for all users with mailboxes in the child domains:
    object-class = top$person$organizationalperson$user The user is mailbox enabled and does not contain an account control (msExchUserAccountControl).

    From the limited information I've been able to find online, I gather that this means that I will not be able to move mailboxes from the 5.5 servers in the sites linked to the child domains, as they will fail with errors, but I should be able to move the mailboxes from the site linked to the top-level domain with no problems.

    Can anyone help me get rid of these error messages and enable the Exchange tabs in the AD of the child domains please?

    Many thanks in advance.