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route to specific smtp server

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  • route to specific smtp server

    i use exchange 2003 and outlook for client
    i have 2 account in my outlook,

    one is from my isp (external mail)
    one is from exchange is for intranet only ( internal mail )

    when i send email to external mail, some times it route to my exchange server
    and my friend receive mail from [email protected]l not from [email protected]

    i need if i send external mail it must used smtp server from isp, not use exchange server.
    i have already set default account on out look use isp account.
    but some times my friend still receive from [email protected]l.

    some one can help me?

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    Re: route to specific smtp server

    Sounds to me like your not selecting the correct sender when sending your mails.

    Either that or check the smtp server settings for your ISP's account in outlook.