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Smarthost and domain migration

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  • Smarthost and domain migration

    Trying to migrate to both new domain of emails while leaving the existing intact.

    Have put a exch 2010 in front of the existing exch 2003 as an internal relay. Some mailboxes sit in the 2010 server, most on the 2003 server.

    Inbound email work exactly as expected, 2010 server scoops it up and deals with it.

    However, internal email from the 2003 server will not route back to the 2010 server even with smarthost filled in on the SMTP connectors.

    2003 is the authoritative server to maintain the chain.

    Any suggestions?

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    Re: Smarthost and domain migration

    If you are building a new WINDOWS domain, then you need to setup Exchange to share the SMTP address space. If Exchange thinks it is authoritive for the domain then it will never send email for that same domain to another server outside of its forest.

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