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Exchange server decommission assistance needed

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  • Exchange server decommission assistance needed

    Planning an Exchange 2000 server uninstallation at the moment and thinking of how to handle the fact that the current server is an internal relay for many unknown applications/switches/routers/scripts etc etc.

    Replacement server is built and mailboxes and PF's etc will be moved over. At some point I'm planning to remove exchange off the old server and remove from domain. Then give the I.P of the old server to the new server so it will answer to relay requests (after configuring the appropriate allow list)

    I've never changed the I.P address of an exchange server and am wondering if anyone has done this and seen any issues?

    Also was wondering if anyone has ever assigned an exchange server two I.P's on the same nic? I was toying with the idea of adding the old servers I.P to the new servers NIC thus avoiding the change in I.P

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    Re: Exchange server decommission assistance needed

    Windows has no difficulty with multiple IPs and, AFAIK, nor does Exchange

    You will probably be best to turn on monitoring to see exactly what devices connect using Exchange
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      Re: Exchange server decommission assistance needed

      Exchange will easily cope with a change of IP address. I usually reboot the server after doing so, then the DNS registration occurs correctly.

      However I would use this as a good opportunity to move everything you can off the IP address to a DNS host name. Configure a special dns host name in your domain (relay.domain.local for example) and then find as much as you can that has SMTP server requirements and change it. Point the host name at the new server.
      Then use SMTP logging to identify anything that was missed.

      I recently went through this with a client and it caused some pain for about a week, while everything was found (this was a close to 1000 user site with a lot of custom scripts, web pages etc) however the long term benefits outweighed the pain.

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