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New Server Equipment-

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  • New Server Equipment-

    We are changing our Exchange Server equipment and have a couple of questions-

    GOAL: Pre-config an exchange server on new equipment so we can just drop it in place and decomission the old Exchange server (which ia also a domain controller).

    OK, I have Exchange installed on the new equipment and I have connected the server into the network via a VPN. I moved a test mailbox over (went fine). I sent an inbound email from an outside account and the test account received it no problem. I then hit the reply and received:

    You do not have permission to send to this recipient. For assistance, contact your system administrator.
    <Sever.domain.local #5.7.1 smtp;550 5.7.1 Unable to relay for [email protected]>

    I added the server as a bridgehead and the error did not re-appear when I sent a test but I did not receive the test message at the outside account. So I have the following questions:

    1. When adding a 2nd Exchange server how is the outbound mail routed- through the 1st (primary server?) or is there such a thing as a primary?

    2. I have not run the 'Internet Wizard" on the new server as the primary is still handling all email, can this be causing the issue?

    3. Along the same lines- When I decommission the primary I will be switching IP address to save configuration time on routers and such- it this a good idea or not?

    4. I have OWA running on the primary & it works fine, but if my test account is on the new server and I open OWA in a browser I get into the OWA of the first server and then get another OWA login at the second server (where the test account is). Is this normal?

    Thanks in advance

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    Re: New Server Equipment-

    You will need to do a few things to make the network work:

    1. Replicate all the public folders (includes the system public folder) to the new server.

    2. Move the SMTP connector/s to the new server and make it the bridge/prinary

    3. Backup the servers.

    4. Move the public folders and mailboxs.

    * Dont forget to install a new GC + DNS before change the network settings.

    5. Remove the old server.

    6. Obtain and configure SSL certificate for the new OWA.

    7. Change the IP of the new server to the old one and reboot.

    * I guess this will return the OWN settings to functional condition.


    Best Regards,

    Yuval Sinay

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      Re: New Server Equipment-

      Thanks for the info,

      I have done just about everything except move the SMTP connectors & install DNS. DNS is no problem but I have to research the connector move. I went through the MS article on 'How to remove the first Exchange server 2003 from the administrataive group' which showed how to move the public folders/address books/scheduler/Rehome Organization folder etc.

      Thanks Yuval