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Delete Items in Public Folder over 90 Days (Exch 2000)

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  • Delete Items in Public Folder over 90 Days (Exch 2000)

    I had a look around here but couldn't seem to find anyone with the same issue, items in mailboxes etc. or on 2003 doesn't seem to be an issue.

    But we have some public folders that are growing to be over 9GB in size because they are not looked after - we need to set a limit on some of them so that items over 90 days are automatically deleted from the system.

    I hear in 2003 there's a item age date, but in 2000 all I can see under Limits is 'age limit for replicas (days)' (which I have set to 90), 'deletion settings' (useless as items aren't being deleted which is the problem, and issue/prohbit/max item size warnings/restrictions at x KB'

    So I wondered if there was any Macro or similar someone may be able to share that can skim through specific folders and trim out the fat that is over 90 days old...?

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