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Multiple Undeliverable reciepts

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  • Multiple Undeliverable reciepts

    Hello All,

    One of the organization user is daily recieving multiple Undeliverable reports in the Outlook client as displayed below

    Your message did not reach some or all of the intended recipients.

    Subject: Fw: : <Subject>
    Sent: <Date>

    The following recipient(s) cannot be reached:

    '"Undisclosed-Recipient:;"' on <date>

    You do not have permission to send to this recipient. For assistance, contact your system administrator.
    We have tried to trace back the message from Message Tracking center which displays the below messages

    - Report generated internally
    - Report delivered to <reciepient address>

    We also checked that the message is not in the message queues.

    Could anyone please help.


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    Re: Multiple Undeliverable reciepts

    The clue is in the NDR. It says you dont have permissions to send to that recipient. How are you sending your email via DNS or Smarthost? If via DNS ensure you have the appropriate reverse (PTR) record in public DNS as most of the large vendors refuse delivery of email if there is no accompanying PTR record that matches your MX record.


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      Re: Multiple Undeliverable reciepts

      Thanks for the suggestion. we have PTR record in the DNS, as when we send an email to the same user again it is recieved at the Recipient end successfully, also the mail routing is working without any issues.

      The problem is with the only one NDR which the user is recieving continuously for more than a week now. HOw can we get rid of that ? the client has laready disabled the Tracking options from the Outlook client, but still he recieves multiple NDR's