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  • Exchange with same domain name


    I have a solution to work upon.
    The setup is like this that have a domain say and some 50 mailboxes for users.MX is registered with ISP and antispam device receive it and then usual stuff.In this setup there exisits some issues like;
    If somebody sends mail from outside it doesn't reach to desired receipient and vice-versa.No queue exists or mails in antispam device.

    I can see could be the issue with the mx hosted IP or may be something like that etc..

    Now I been given the job to move the some of the mailboxes to diffirent locations say from China to UK.Some 20 odd mailboxes to be moved to UK without any existing trouble like this.Still that to be retained.

    I am planning to move that MX at present to new location say UK.Hope that will help to get rid of troubles of mail getting lost in b/w.So I would I set it up.The existing setup in China need not to be touched and still mail to be delivered that mailbox for china users and mails to UK users to mailbox server in UK.

    How can I achieve it.I am not in control of present mail server but need to build new one in geographical diffirent location with no issue of mail getting lost.What all setup I need.A firewall,AS,DC and one exchange I guess.

    Expert inputs.


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    Re: Exchange with same domain name

    so your mx records point to a registrar. what happens after that?

    i'd suggest either implementing a spam solution on your own server and pointing the mx records to them, or using a third party (such as postini) which will screen mail and then deliver to your exchange server.

    as for splitting mailboxes across sites, i am not entirely sure of the technicalities of this, although suspect someone who does will be along soon!