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  • Need Help with external addresses

    I work for a school so we have hundreds of parents that we need to e-mail. I would like to find a way to add all of these addresses so they are accessible to all of our users through Outlook. The addresses will also need to be put into groups or distribution lists so we can send e-mails out to many of them at once. And I need to keep them separated from our global address list.

    The reason I am wanting to do this is because right now they are using Thunderbird as their e-mail client and they import all of the parent e-mail addresses into their Thunderbird for their respective school. We have one person that is is responsible for maintaing all of these address books and when a new address is added or an address is changed everyone that uses that address book has to go out and re-import the address so it is up to date or correct. It would be really good if the address could be added or updated one time in one place and it is added or updated for everyone with out the users needing to do anything.

    And now they are also wanting to use the calendar features of Exchange/Outlook so I would really like to get this working. Any help at all would be greatly appreciated.

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    Re: Need Help with external addresses

    Create them as Mail Enabled Contacts (you should be able to script this) then add to DG. Finally select the "Hide from GAL" option

    All scriptable with DSAdd, DSMod etc.
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      Re: Need Help with external addresses

      I wouldn't put them in as Contacts. That means updating them is close to impossible, because it can only be done by an Exchange server admin.
      That will mean the information will be close to useless very shortly as the information changes and those changes are not fed back for updates. Do you really want to be processing all of those changes?

      Put them in to a Public Folder. Split it up by class/form or whatever so that it is manageable.
      Grant permissions for the users to update the information, so they can update it on the fly.

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