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Migrating from hosted POP to in house Exchange

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  • Migrating from hosted POP to in house Exchange

    I have a client that currently has their email hosted through Live Office using POP accounts. They have had an overall bad experience with them and would like to have all there emails and domains moved to their in house 2003 SBS box. Does anybody have any steps or good documentation on doing this? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
    Thanks, Josh

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    Re: Migrating from hosted POP to in house Exchange


    In a nutshell:

    Does the client have a stable connection for the sbs box with static i.p address with no restrictions on port 25 traffic?
    The domain name needs to have the relevant records amended, pointing to the sbs server. this is achieved from the registrar console.
    exchange will need to have the domain name within the recipient configuration.
    the user accounts requiring a mailbox will need to be set up using aduc. the exchange server should have an fqdn with matching "a" record and ideally reverse dns entry if sending mail this way.
    the user accounts will have to have their outlook accounts created with the new account pointing to their small business server.

    hope this helps!