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Server side filtering logging?

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  • Server side filtering logging?

    Hi there,

    We have an SBS 2003 box running Exchange 2003. This isn't an SBS issue so posting here.

    We have a user who has as large portion of their mail being erroneously delivered to their junk folder. The IMF based filter is turned off so there's no problems there.

    The user does have quite a list of filters to move mails from specific addresses to the junk folder, so my best guess is that one of these filters is incorrectly catching a load of other mail.

    So, I was looking around to try and find some logging for these filters so I can find out which one is causing the problem but I can't seem to find anything.

    Does anyone know if this logging exists? Working through disabling different rules will take forever as will wiping them and starting again...


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    Re: Server side filtering logging?

    There is no logging that I am aware of.
    I would also suggest that the junk email filter is completely flushed out. I can pretty much guarantee that it will have no effect on the amount of spam that they receive.
    The blocked senders in the junk email is for persistent senders, not general spam. This could be a newsletter where the unsubscribe is not being honoured for example.

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      Re: Server side filtering logging?

      Thanks for the reply, the junk filtering is turned off in Outlook as we use an external spam scanning relay before it hits exchange.

      Our user (the director of a company typically) is not using blocked senders. He has created a whole host of rules to redirect loads of sender addresses to the junk folder. We didn't tell him to do it, he just did.

      It sounds like we're going to have to ask him if he wants to pay for us to sit there turning his rules off and on until we find the culprit..although first we'll try turning them all off to prove that it is a rule problem!