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One exchange (2003) two firewalls

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  • One exchange (2003) two firewalls

    I have an exchange server behind two firewalls connected to the same segment. Each firewall protects from different carriers one DSL and one Cable.

    I want to receive e-mail from the Cable but send out e-mails through the DSL.
    Can I do that? how do i configure exchange to differentiate between the two?

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    Re: One exchange (2003) two firewalls

    You will need a dual WAN router or a second machine to run as an SMTP gateway. Windows should only have one default gateway. However once the email is inside, you can move it between the machines quite happily.
    I do this at home, and have a Windows 2003 machine running as an SMTP gateway. I use Vamsoft ORF on top of it it to do spam filtering and recipient validation.

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