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Recovering 18 Month Old Mailbox

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  • Recovering 18 Month Old Mailbox

    We have a mailbox that is 18 months old that needs to be restored. The user account for the mailbox has been deleted.

    We have been following the steps from the article, "How to recover or to restore a single mailbox in Exchange Server 2003" method 3, "Restore a Mailbox from Backup to a Recovery Server." We have configured the recovery server as outlined in the instructions. On step 9, "restore the database files from backup," the process fails. The restore process starts and then fails about 10 minutes in. In the Application log, there is event id 904 with a description of Information Store (2804) Callback function call ErrESECBRestoreGetDestination ended with error 0xC7FE1F42 Database not found.

    There is also an event id 9635 source MSEchangeIS and description Failed to find a database to restore to from the MS Active Directory. Storage Group specified on the backup media is 455fd...(GUID)
    Database specified on backup media is Mailbox Store (server name), error is 0xc7fe1f42.

    Any tips on how to get this restore to work? Is there another way to restore this mailbox?

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    Re: Recovering 18 Month Old Mailbox

    Are you running Exchange 2003? If so, can't you use the Recovery Storage Group? Mush simpler than using an alternate recovery forest.

    As for the question itself, is the Organization name the same Is the Mailbox store name the same? Is the Administrative Group name the same? What backup software are you using?

    Daniel Petri
    Microsoft Most Valuable Professional - Active Directory Directory Services


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      Re: Recovering 18 Month Old Mailbox

      Exchange 2003. The Org name, the Mailbox store name and the Administrative Group name are all the same. The backup software used for the recovery is the 2003 Server backup utility.

      Regarding using the Recovery Storage Group, can you use this when the user account the mailbox belonged to has been deleted? All of the info I am seeing from MS indicates that to use the Recovery Storage Group to restore a mailbox that has been deleted for more than 30 days, the original user account must still exist. Am I missing something here?

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        Re: Recovering 18 Month Old Mailbox

        Got it! We reinstalled everything (2003 Server, AD, Exchange) and were successful with the recovery.
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