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Exchange, SMTP and PHP - Delivery issue

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  • Exchange, SMTP and PHP - Delivery issue

    I have a PHP script which sends an email via SMTP. The SMTP server is configured within our Exchange 2003 server (Port 25, restricted relays, effectively blocking all but itself and one other server which sends email via SMTP/SSIS, and internal delivery succeeds). The PHP script runs on the same server which hosts Exchange (SBS 2003).

    If the recipient email is outside our domain, the email is delivered. If the recipient is an email configured within our domain and on our Exchange server, the mail fails, and I can find nothing in any logs. Any hints would be greatly appreciated.

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    Re: Exchange, SMTP and PHP - Delivery issue

    Message tracking and SMTP logs are the key here.
    If the message doesn't appear in SMTP logs then the message was not received by Exchange. End of story. Content cannot get in to Exchange without appearing in SMTP logs at least.

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