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    Hi ,

    We are using Instant Messenger - Exchange 2000. Now we are making our official communication using this messenger internally . Now Can anyone tell me where do i can find the log files for this ...

    I want to check the conversation made between 2 employees from old logs...I search a lot and found res1.log and res2.log files...but both are in a binary files...also there is one file called c:\program files\exchsrvr\imdata\

    Now how to read this binary files to get the data of this chat made between employees...

    I check the messenger plus tool but it will not help us to retrieve the old helps to capture the current data only...

    Please help...

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    Re: Messenger logs

    The version of IM that is included with Exchange 2000 does not log any of the conversations.
    If you need to keep a record then you will have to migrate to OCS.

    Messenger Plus is a client side tool, no good for regulatory purposes. You need to record the conversations at the server level, which means OCS.

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