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exchange 2003 mailbox move problem

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  • exchange 2003 mailbox move problem

    I recently moved the mailboxes from an old exchange server to the new production server. All but two boxes came over successfully. The two boxes in question still showed up on the old server, even after the move process indicated the move succeeded(I had to allow for a few corrupted messages). I proceeded to delete the boxes on the old server, then removed exchange. The boxes show up on the new server under system manager -< mailboxes, with message/byte counts taht look correct, but when I right click, the exchange tasks option is missing. The other two options are greyed out. When I look at those two users in AD, they have no email address, and no exchange options. Is there a manual way to disconnect and reconnect these boxes, since they appear to be intact, only the registration with the user gone?

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    Re: exchange 2003 mailbox move problem

    Looks like something has gone wrong with the user account, probably unrelated to the move mailbox process.

    It is not uncommon for a trace of the old mailbox to be left behind and it can usually be ignored. If you have successfully removed Exchange then they were not assigned to a mailbox.

    If the user accounts have become mail disabled, then you an reconnect them.
    Right click on the Mailbox Store and choose Run Cleanup Agent. Those mailboxes should have a red cross on them. You can then right click and choose reconnect and select the user accounts who have no mail attributes. Once complete, adjust the email addresses if required.

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