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Dead Exchange 2003 in 2007 Organization

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  • Dead Exchange 2003 in 2007 Organization

    Hi guys,
    my compliments, very useful forum, great job!

    I'm looking for information about removing a dead Exchange 2003 server, hope someone may help me...

    We start with a new exchange 2003 installation, worked fine for few years. One year ago we installed a new Exchange 2007 in the same organization and we moved all the mailboxes to the new one. When Public Folder sync finished, we turned off Exchange 2003 (it was turned off one year ago). Everything worked fine with only one server Exchange 2007.

    Last week we installed other two Exchange servers (2010 with Database Availability Group) and we make a mailbox move to check if everything was fine. When we try to explore the Public Folders we get error because Outlook is unable to connect to the Exchange server. This is the error:

    Cannot expand the folder. Microsoft Exchange is not available. Either there are network problems or the Exchange server is down for maintenance. (/o=First Organization/ou=First Administrative Group/cn=Configuration/cn=Server/cn=EXCHANGE_SERVER_2003)

    The old Exchange 2003 is dead right now and we would like to remove all the entry for that server from AD. We check ADSI edit and under: "Configuration > Services > Microsoft Exchange > First Organization > Administrative Groups > First Administrative Group > Servers" is possible to see the name of the old Exchange. Can this reference be deleted without generate issue to the new Exchange installations? Are some other steps necessary to correctly remove the old Exchange Entry?

    Thank to anyone can help us.


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    Re: Dead Exchange 2003 in 2007 Organization

    We solved the problem by modifying the default Public Folder Database into
    EMC "Database Properties > Client Settings" on the new Database where the
    test mailbox was moved.
    We still want to clean the configuration with ADSI Edit by deleting
    the old Exchange entry, do someone knows if it is possible without generate
    problems to other Exchange servers and to the Organization?

    Thank again!