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  • blocked emails?

    Hello, wondering if anyone could help me troubleshoot a strange issue I am having. I am running exchange 2003 SP 2. For some reason that I cannot figure out, particular emails are not reaching a few of my employees. The senders do not receive a bounce report. Also, the emails do not reach any of my employees email address. In other words, its not just a single internal email that cannot receive the senders email, none of us can. On the other hand, we can email this particular person just fine.

    Any ideas? I have tested this users domain and it is not on any blacklisting. If our domain was blacklisted, then that would mean our emails could not reach him, not the other way around correct?

    Is there a global block within exchange 2003?

    Any ideas would greatly help. Could it be my exchange setup? What would cause the majority of emails to come in fine, but a few of them not to?

    Please help.

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    Re: blocked emails?

    What does message tracking say?
    If you don't have message tracking enabled, then you need to do so and then get the senders to try again. If the message doesn't appear in message tracking then it wasn't received by Exchange, or was rejected at the point of delivery. However if the message was rejected at point of delivery then an NDR would be generated.

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      Re: blocked emails?

      are you using Microsoft outlook in cached mode or not. Can you find these missing emails through Outlook Web Access.