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Exchange Custom Attribute - extensionattribute1

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  • Exchange Custom Attribute - extensionattribute1

    Hi All,

    I am trying to change the display name of extensionattribute1 to jobcode.

    My steps are:
    1. Using ADSIEDIT, connect to the AD schema.
    2. Locate cn=ms-Exch-Extension-Attribute-1 and click properties.
    3. edit the entry in IDAPDisplayName to jobcode.

    The display in ADUC is changed to jobcode but when I click OK button to complete my data input in jobcode, I got this error message.

    The specified directory service attribute or value does not exist.

    Facility: LDAP Provider
    ID no: 8007200a
    Microsoft Active Directory Exchange Extension.

    Any idea how to resolve this? Am I missing any steps?

    I am running Exchange 2003 in Windows 2000 native mode.


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    Re: Exchange Custom Attribute - extensionattribute1

    Did you try to set that attribute using a script, just to see if the problem is with the directory or with ADU&C? You might have run into a bug of ADU&C. I'd not be surprised.


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      Re: Exchange Custom Attribute - extensionattribute1

      Hi wkasdo,

      Thank you for helping me breakdown the cause of this error.

      I am afraid I don't know much about scripting, so instead I ran ADMODIFY.NET

      The result is succeessful. See below.

      - <XmlRoot xmlns="926200562158PM.xml">
      <user UserDN="LDAP://CN=zak.test1,OU=Admin Accounts,OU=OIS,OU=OT,OU=znme,DC=znme,DC=com" type="Success" attribute="jobcode" oldValue="<not set>" newValue="8888" />

      This means the directory is ok.

      However, when I query or view using ADUC, the data(i.e. 8888 ) which I input using ADMODIFY.NET is NOT visible. All I see is a blank entry.. sigh!

      Any other suggestions?


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        Re: Exchange Custom Attribute - extensionattribute1

        That's the end, I'm afraid. ADU&C has a large number of built-in defaults. I know for sure that it cannot deal with new attributes, and apparently renamed as well.

        If you want to work with this attribute you need to do it without ADU&C.


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          Re: Exchange Custom Attribute - extensionattribute1

          To wkasdo - Thank you so much for your input. I stop wasting time trying to make the default ADUC work. Instead I have added a simple vb script to my ADUC. The vb script allow me to input and view the data. Below is the script.

          Dim ojobcode
          Dim oUser3
          Dim temp3
          Set ojobcode = Wscript.Arguments
          Set oUser3 = GetObject(ojobcode(0))
          temp3 = InputBox("JobCode: " & oUser3.jobcode & vbCRLF & vbCRLF & "If you would like enter a new number or modify the existing number, enter the new number in the textbox below")
          if temp3 <> "" then oUser3.Put "JobCode",temp3
          Set oUser3 = Nothing
          Set ojobcode = Nothing
          Set temp3 = Nothing


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            Re: Exchange Custom Attribute - extensionattribute1

            Good one. Thanks.

            Daniel Petri
            Microsoft Most Valuable Professional - Active Directory Directory Services
            MCSA/E, MCTS, MCITP, MCT