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Deleting mail enabled public folders

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  • Deleting mail enabled public folders

    I need to remove some old mail enabled public folders, is there any special order for deleting those or can I just remove them in Active Directory and be done with them?

    Remember something about the order being important or else orphaned public folders can be created...


    Exchange 2003 SP2 on Server 2003

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    Re: Deleting mail enabled public folders

    Delete the folders through Outlook or ESM, not through ADUC. Once the folder has been deleted it will take a little while before the email address can be assigned to another object.

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      Re: Deleting mail enabled public folders

      Sounds great! Small problem on my side...

      In outlook I don't have permission to remove the public folders so I went into ESM and as soon as I try to open the Public Folders parent directory I get the following error.

      "The token supplied to the function is invalid"

      ID no: 80090308

      Exchange System Manager

      From what I can find this is caused because of a certificate error, what is the best method to resolve this? Since I'm removing all public folders could I just delete the Public Folders parent directory and not worry about the error?

      Or would I be better off finding an account that has permissions to delete through outlook?