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RPC over HTTPS authentication

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  • RPC over HTTPS authentication

    We have a front-end/back-end Exchange 2003 setup hosting this service. When we first connect an instance of Outlook it always fills in %BackendServerName%\%username% Then we wipe this out and fill in %domain%\%username% for the user. This typically stays forever but every once in a while something will wipe this out and a remote user will call in not able to logon because it has switched to filling in the local server name within the authentication box. I can't figure out what is causing this to occur. When I look at the IIS directory security on the FE/BE, it seems as if the default domain field is filled in properly. It's a small nuisance but I'd like to find a resolution.

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    Re: RPC over HTTPS authentication

    That is exclusively client side, so it will be something there. Nothing to do with the server.
    The reason it shows server\username is because that is what Internet Explorer tries to use.

    If the machines are members of the domain then you could switch to NTLM authentication (if the firewall allows it) which will not generate any prompt.

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