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Mail not received by one user

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  • Mail not received by one user


    Exchange 2003 with Outlook 2003

    One user is not receiving email when sent from another member of staff's (same domain and server) Blackberry - fine when sent from Outlook.

    When reported initially, the recipient's email address was malformed when I attempted to find the message in message tracker.

    Instead of [email protected] it was [email protected][email protected]

    The contact was deleted from the handset and now a test message is displayed correctly in exchange tracker and states it has been delivered to all three mailboxes although it is nowhere to be seen in Outlook (no rules) and OWA for the problem user.

    Any pointers appreciated , thanks!
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    Re: Mail not received by one user

    Also, have you tried to disable chaced exchange mode, is it enabled?
    Are you Running BES? It has been awhile since I used Blackberrys (go the iphone), but last time I did, they used to send emails out to a external server. Check the headers of the email and see where it came from.

    Check out the Server folder, under sync issues in the outlook client, if the email is there, then all the mail can easily be recovered. (For the life of me I can not find the link, but if it proves to be the case we can find it.)

    Last but not lest, put a forward at the exchange level to see if its something in the users mailbox thats auto deleting or blocking the Emails.

    Hope this helps.

    Good to be back....


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      Re: Mail not received by one user

      If the message shows in message tracking then the message is there somewhere.
      I believe message tracking more than I believe users.

      Rule, view, antispam or antivirus client side.

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