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Hiding Distribution Groups/Query Based Distribution Group's

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  • Hiding Distribution Groups/Query Based Distribution Group's

    Have two Exchange 2003 questions:

    1) Is it possible to only allow certain users to see a distribution group from the global catalog when they click on the 'To' button? It either shows up for everyone, of if you check 'hide group from exchange address lists' no one sees it. I have it restricted so only a few people can send to it, but only want them to be able to see it as well so everyone else doesn't say 'hey, why can't I use that?'.

    2) I would like to use query based distribution groups but can't because I am running in mixed mode on my domain. I have four domain controllers that have been running 2003 server standard with SP2 for quite some time, but I'm scared to turn on native 2003! Everything has been running so well, and I don't want to break anything, or worse yet (after reading about it) have to rebuild my entire domain. Can anyone who has done this offer any words of advice? Query based groups would make my life easier, but not that much easier.

    Many thanks.

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    Re: Hiding Distribution Groups/Query Based Distribution Group's

    For your first point: You can start playing around with the direct permissions on the distribution groups, but it's a question of cost and the benefit you will get. Most likely you will get more stress then what what you win, but as always it depends.

    For the second point: There is no reason to stand in mixed mode if you haven't any Windows NT 4.0 domain controllers, just switch it.


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      Re: Hiding Distribution Groups/Query Based Distribution Group's

      The only way that you can hide content in the GAL is by having multiple GALs that display different information to different people. Microsoft no longer support that on Exchange 2003 and have removed all instructions on doing so from their web site. It has a very high failure rate.

      If the number is very small, then the only way that does work is to get all of those who need to use the group to add it to their personal address book (right click on the list in GAL and choose the option). Then hide the group from the GAL. It will be gone within 48 hours.
      Those who need to use the group can then select it from their personal address book.

      Of course if anyone new needs to use the group then it will have to unhidden, and the same process repeated.

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