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3 issues, all unrelated - SSL SMTP Smarthost, Email Queues and WLAN AS conflict

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  • 3 issues, all unrelated - SSL SMTP Smarthost, Email Queues and WLAN AS conflict

    Hey all, hope you're well

    Issue One

    I was browsing these Exchange forums today with mind to posting about Issue 2, however I got sidetracked and followed part of a guide about Spam and it led me to open my Server's "Queues" window. Upon opening, I found an entry for "" in the list - I was immediately suspicious, and so googled the domain and it is indeed what looks to be a business website - which is not mine in any shape or form.

    I was wondering how this could have been created on my Server? There are no messages in the queue (due to my Server not being an OR?) and I do not myself know how to create these queues, so is it possible my Server has been hacked into using Remote Desktop? I have frozen the queue, although there doesn't seem to have been any activity on it.

    Issue Two

    I find this a strange one. My Remote mail access is working absolutely fine via both RPC over HTTPS through Outlook and via Direct Push on my Windows Mobile phone.

    However, I recently decided to try and resurrect my old Windows Mobile PDA (O2 XDA IIi, HTC Alpine, WinMo 2003SE) to use as an incoming IP Phone. The device unfortunately does not support WPA/WPA2 - even when using the Odyssey Access Client, so it must be a Driver-level issue.

    So, with that in mind I dug out my old USB Wifi-b adapter and installed it on the Server. I setup an Ad-Hoc network secured with WEP (I know it's bad, but at the moment it is only for testing and is not running 24/7 - in fact has not been on since this problem occurred.) When the phone connected and I had tested it and was happy, I left as is for a few hours or so until I noticed my phone was no longer connected (via GPRS) to the Exchange Server and could not connect when I hit the Sync button.

    I disabled the Ad-Hoc WLAN, disabled the Adapter and unplugged it - and bingo - the phone reconnected and some emails got pushed through. This made me wonder if Exchange is getting confused between the WLAN which is purely incoming for the IP-Phone and it's normal LAN connection? Or could it be any number of things?

    I'm more curious about this one rather than desperate for a solution

    Issue Three

    My ISP is Virgin Media. I currently Smarthost through the old SMTP Server (I am ex-NTL). I understand that now most, if not all the Email Address platforms (blueyonder, ntlworld, etc) have been migrated to GMail, we are required to start using SSL for SMTP on Port 465.

    I am not sure of how to get Exchange to Smarthost through the new Server as I understand Exchange does not play well with SSL SMTP natively. Does anyone know what to do to switch my Smarthost over to the new SMTP Server?

    I know this may sound like a case of "If it ain't broke then don't fix it" but I imagine soon VM will disable and so I'd like to switch over in advance to reduce any downtime. The current way it works is a lot easier as the Server authenticates by the IP Address (it must be a VM IP) and that's it - you can use the SMTP.

    But any input on these issues is appreciated,

    Many Thanks


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    Re: 3 issues, all unrelated - SSL SMTP Smarthost, Email Queues and WLAN AS conflict

    1. Someone (even behind a NDR stands someone) has sended a mail to this domain, Exchange keeps this queue for some time.

    2. I would more look into the iPhone, I guess it preferred the WLAN connection over the GPRS connection, but your Active Sync is only working over the Internet connection.

    3. Get a commercial certificate for your Exchange server and start using TLS. If you only have one Exchange server and one send connector there should not be any problems resulting from this.


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      Re: 3 issues, all unrelated - SSL SMTP Smarthost, Email Queues and WLAN AS conflict

      Thanks for your reply FischFra.

      1) I see - I am not an Open Relay so I imagine the attempt was blocked? I am guessing there is no need to worry about the entry in this case?

      2) I didn't have the Wifi connection enabled on my phone at the time - it was purely going through the GPRS connection of my Provider to my Server - but it wouldn't connect if the Ad-Hoc connection was running on the Server for my other IP Telephone.

      3) I have an SSL Certificate for securing access remotely to my Server, however I meant finding a way to enable my Exchange Server to connect to my ISPs SMTP Server (which now uses GMail services) to run it as a Smarthost. As far as I know Exchange only supports TLS for SMTP (presumably Port 587) and not SSL for SMTP (Port 465), however my ISP has given no indication of being able to use TLS for SMTP, they only mention SSL for SMTP on Port 465, even though TLS on port 587 can be used on a normal GMail configuration as well as SSL SMTP on 465.


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        Re: 3 issues, all unrelated - SSL SMTP Smarthost, Email Queues and WLAN AS conflict

        Any reason you didn't split these posts up in to seperate posts? It much easier to deal with it that way.

        Report each question seperately, and then I will remove this thread. Three completely unrelated issues in a single question gets complex and it isn't as if you are limited on the number of questions that you can ask.

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