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Mailbox cannot be accessed by other users

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  • Mailbox cannot be accessed by other users


    We are running Exchange 2003 with a BlackBerry Enterprise Server. Had no problems provisioning BlackBerry Enterprise Services until yesterday when a new BlackBerry User would not activate.

    On trying to access the users mailbox by adding it to my Outlook I get 'cannot expand the folder' error message even though I have full mailbox rights.

    BlackBerry Server Service Account permission all check out on the users ADUC Security Tab, I've cross checked with other BlackBerry Users and everything seems fine.

    End user has no problems accessing his mailbox on his own desktop so I have no idea what is causing the issue, there are no events logged either in Exchange or On my own Machine or on our Directory Servers.

    Any thoughts?



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    Re: Mailbox cannot be accessed by other users

    If you are an admininstrator then unless someone has hacked around with Exchange, then you will not have permissions to access the mailbox.
    Ditto if the besadmin account is a Domain Admin, which it shouldn't be.
    Therefore I would be checking that the permissions aren't being denied or have been removed.

    Also remember that permission changes are cached, and therefore can take two hours to be effective.

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