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  • winmail.dat

    i currently have an issue, where email from an external company emails us and we receive no attachment.
    the header shows winmail.dat

    the funny thing is, they send to two recipients in the company, one of the users receives the attachment and the other gets winmail.dat

    any ideas?
    PS. both recipients are on outlook 2007 and the sender i believe is on 2003.

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    Re: winmail.dat

    Somewhere along the lines someone is using a MAC client. This si a known problem when sending RTF emails to people using Macs.

    A) Get a program to split the Winmail.dat up to its correct parts.
    B) Use Plane text Email.
    C) Tell them not to use a Mac :P

    In the very few times that this happens, and one person is not on a MAC, then using Plane text normally Helps, as well as the Winmail.dat software.

    Basiclly, what happens is Outlook packages all Email extra data into a single file, called Winmail.dat. This inculds all attachments, any code (html,RTF), as well as some header/footer info. Outlook knows what to do with this file, but the Mac email software does not.

    Good to be back....


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      Re: winmail.dat

      You can also set a contact in Outlook to always have emails sent in a specific format.


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        Re: winmail.dat

        Try this

        We also had a reg key that fixed it for us everytime but i'm having difficulty locating it.


        This is what we added to our Exchange 2003 Servers to cure the winmail.dat problems we had
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