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Public Folders issue after Exchange 2003 move

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  • Public Folders issue after Exchange 2003 move


    We are attempting to move Exchange 2003 to a new server. Our original serveris a DC, and the new server is just a member server. Both servers are running Win Server 2003 and have Exchange SP2, both with the latest patches.

    I have followed the MS documentation on moving Exchange to a new server, and as it stands, Exchange is happily running on the new server.

    The only issue we have is to do with Public folders. All folders have replicated across. When I stop the Exchange services on the old server, Public Folders are still accessible from Outlook clients, but when accessing the Public Folders through ESM, we get the following error:

    The HTTP service used by Public Folders is not available, possible causes are that Public stores are not mounted and the InformationStore service is not running.
    ID no:c1030af3
    Exchange System Manager

    If I start the Information Store and dismount the Public Folders on the old server, I get the same error.

    Have I missed something in the MS documentation, or have they forgot to mention something?? I already found something they forgot to mention, so it wouldnt surprise me it they did!!

    Any help would be great.


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    Re: Public Folders issue after Exchange 2003 move

    Have you googled for that error id?

    A quick search brought up a few reasons for this error, have you checked any of this?


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      Re: Public Folders issue after Exchange 2003 move

      It sounds like the public folders may not have been migrated.
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