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OWA and Front End

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  • OWA and Front End

    My front end server crashed and so i built a new one. I have active-sync up and working and I went to test my OWA. On the back end server it works just fine but on the front end it is really garbled looking. I checked the updates and both are current. What else can i check to fix this issue? Thanks. FYI both FE and BE are in the LAN so no firewall separates them

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    Re: OWA and Front End

    take string-end A and follow it to string-end Z. Repeat ad naseum until the strings are untangled.

    your front end server is no longer garbled once you perform this task.
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      Re: OWA and Front End

      Its the flux capacitor, dammit! (especially given the OPs username)

      Jim , can you explain what is garbled, with screen shots if possible
      Active Sync and OWA have nothing to do with each other
      What Exchange version are you on?
      Are you sure both are exactly the same version number?
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        Re: OWA and Front End

        Sounds like classic version mismatch.

        Check the version numbers in the exchweb directory on both servers. The highest version should be the same or higher on the Frontend server.

        However if the backend server went RTM, SP1, SP2, rather than RTM, SP2, then you need to repeat that order on the frontend server as well (which basically means a rebuild). This is because Microsoft forgot some patches in SP2 and as such you can get a mismatch. If both went RTM, SP2, then you are fine.

        Don't forget the post SP2 updates. The Exchange Best Practises tool will flag if any are missing.

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