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external access to distribution list

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  • external access to distribution list

    I have always had my DL's set up as 'authenticated users only' and 'everyone' so they are only accessible from inside my network. I would like to give access to one of the DL's to a user from an outside domain. I don't want to turn off authentication to avoid spam, so am not sure how to do this.

    Can anyone help?

    Many thanks.

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    Re: external access to distribution list

    I don't think it can be done. You can't selectively allow unauthenticated users the ability to send to the DL.


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      Re: external access to distribution list

      Joe, any idea if it can be done by creating a contact in AD for those addresses?

      pcsdps - no idea if it'll work or not, but no harm in giving it a try.
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        Re: external access to distribution list

        I don't know. You can add a Contact to the authenticated users list but I don't know if it will work.


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          Re: external access to distribution list

          If you want to allow people from outside to send email to the list, then you must disable authentication requirement on the list. End of story.

          External people cannot authenticate to use the list. A contact is not an authenticated user, it is effectively a place holder for an object in the domain.

          Your only option is to change the configuration of the "Accept Email from" to use your equivalent of All Staff and then add those who need to send to the list as contacts. That should work.

          Although the risks of it being abused are quite low. The most common ones that are attacked are [email protected] and [email protected] - if the list is something more obscure then it should be fine to allow anonymous access. If you are controlling who can use it, then if the address does get compromised, then simply change the SMTP address and inform those who need it, to change.

          The most common form of abuse will be from someone who is already using it getting a BOT, which then uses the address, Nothing you can do to stop those because the email will appear to be coming from them anyway - and you have allowed them access.

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