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Exchange 2003 - new install "aliasing, virtual from, public folder"

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  • Exchange 2003 - new install "aliasing, virtual from, public folder"

    Hi all. I installed exchange 2003 on my test windows 2003 server, along with an evalutation of exchangepop3 version (for now). My client is windows XP 64 bit.

    I got exchange to run "well" after 2 days spare time configuring and seeing what happens (the best way to learn with internet as resource). Now I have three (propably minor) questions which I want to solve quickly, others are not so important yet.

    1) Sending from "virtual people"
    I used to have multiple pop accounts configured. Now I have one catch all configured. I still want to send from accounts that don't have an AD user. For instance the public folder "speurders" is mail enabled and mail to "[email protected]" goes to that folder. But when I send mail and in the from field put my created contact "speurders" it will immediatly come back, the mail won't leave the local network. Address which are connected to an AD user are able to send.

    If I change the adress in the option field "have replies sent to" it will work.

    2) My public folders have new mail bold. I would like the folder itself to be bold to is that possible (I'm talking of new items turns the folder bold)

    3) When mail is collected with exchangepop3 it is delivered to the adres. Only when it comes to an address e.g. "[email protected]" which isn't a public folder or entered as an adres of an AD user it "disapears" it is sent to exchange but where did it go? Which mail box?

    Thanks for helping out on the exchange topics.
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