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Getting SLINK::ECUpdate Warning event in Exchange

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  • Getting SLINK::ECUpdate Warning event in Exchange

    Hello All and thanks for any help provided.

    I have an Exch2k3 Sp1 Box running on Win2k3 SP1. I'm getting the following warning:

    ID: 1025
    Source: MSExchangeIS Mailbox Store
    Message: An error occurred on database "First Storage Group\Mailbox Store (SERVER)".
    Function name or description of problem: SLINK::EcUpdate
    Error: 0x8004010f

    Now I can not really tell you have far back this goes... The logs say as far back as June but in very isolated events, usually in the midday high traffic times.

    Other conditions::: Their is a public folder calendar that is not backing up because the backup software cannot access it... I see this as a possibility. I am also having problems with the OAB. Mainly that is non-existent or corrupt, I should really just try and recreate it, but have not because it is hardly used. I get two events indicating this every morning like clockwork at the end of maintenance.

    I have thought about performing an offline defrag in the DB to recover some needed space. I have about 4GB of white space and that does not coundt the STM file. Probably another GB or so there.

    Any assistance is greatly appreciated...

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    Re: Getting SLINK::ECUpdate Warning event in Exchange

    Same error that is here.
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      Re: Getting SLINK::ECUpdate Warning event in Exchange

      So, can I get this straight... You are saying that the Evend ID 1025 (SLINK ::: Ec) error is related to the whole OAB problem...

      Is this correct?