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Exchange Journal Envelope Reversal?

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  • Exchange Journal Envelope Reversal?

    At work we do email journaling with envelope option. So, when I open the journal account, all emails are technically attachments I drill down into, then I see the real email. Normally, this is a great way to ensure all data is captured. (I probably just explained something that didn't need explaining in this forum.)

    To complete a special research project, I need to take about 2 months worth of archive journal email (copied into a working .pst), and pull it out of all of those envelopes and turn it into a "normal looking" email box so it can be manipulated by a product (and or non-technical person) that will only work with the original emails.

    Anybody know of a way to extract all of these emails at once, rather than opening each envelope and dragging the .msg out?

    I thought of an attachment remover, which will pull all of the .msg files, but then I need a way to import them all at once into the working .pst.

    Thanks in advance

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    Re: Exchange Journal Envelope Reversal?

    The only way I can think would be to use a product that can manage those messages for you - such as GFI Mail Archiver, then extract from there. I am not aware of anything native that can work with those messages.

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