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Need Help with RDNS on Exchange 2003

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  • Need Help with RDNS on Exchange 2003

    My exchange box fails to deliver messages to some companies and I have traced the problem to a RDNS entry. My setup is a follow:

    domain registered via some company in Uk ex
    MX is
    mail is forwarded to my exchange server box at ip 123.456.789.123
    my internal domain is
    my internal host name is srv01
    FQDN os
    Exchange handles the domain to pickup and deliver mail via SMTP (no smart host is used).

    My question is what RDNS records should I instruct my ISP to register for the above IP so I avoid getting blocked by some servers?


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    Re: Need Help with RDNS on Exchange 2003

    For sending mails your server should use the FQDN and your ISP should register a reverse entry for your official IP for this mx record as well.


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      Re: Need Help with RDNS on Exchange 2003

      If you have an host name that is pointing to your server, often used for the MX record, then get that set by the ISP as the PTR record.

      Ideally all three parts should match - the host name, PTR and SMTP banner.

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