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Exchange 2003 P2V: VMWare vs HyperV

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  • Exchange 2003 P2V: VMWare vs HyperV

    I am lucky that I have both HyperV running and VMWare's ESX running on my network and I need to virtualize a 2003 exchange server. Which would be a better platform to virtualize Exchange on? Which is the easier for the P2V??

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    Re: Exchange 2003 P2V: VMWare vs HyperV

    my understanding is that vmware cold-clone (or hot-clone if you choose) is much a bit quicker and easier to use than converting to HyperV.
    I converted several guests to ESX, using cold clone, yet to convert to HyperV, i understand the other engineer needed something like SCVMM ?
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      Re: Exchange 2003 P2V: VMWare vs HyperV

      I have done a bit of research on the SCVMM and it seems like a viable option, plus its something I should probably be running on my network anyway. Thanks for the input. Anyone else have any thoughts/experiences with Exchange 2003 P2V?


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        Re: Exchange 2003 P2V: VMWare vs HyperV

        It doesn't really matter which you use, as Exchange 2003 isn't supported on any VM platform.
        Personally I use VMWARE everywhere. I have P2V Exchange 2003 a few times in to a VMWARE system and it has worked fine. The VMWARE p2v application works well.

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