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exchange 2003 strange 'behaviour'

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  • exchange 2003 strange 'behaviour'

    Hello People

    Last week I have some problems with my Excahgne 2003 server:
    The Exchange 2003 server is a member server in domain, controlled by two Windows 2008 DC'.s

    Several days ago I 'orphand' a mailbox (450 mb size) by deleting it's ADUC user.
    Later I connected that mailbox with new one,got "successful" etc system notice.
    Since then - I am not sure it is really connected at all - several strange problems with that server: some deleted users still appear in the GAL (4-5 days after deletion),the new SMTP address of the new user mentioned above (owing now the
    'orphaned' mailbox) seen in the GAL as different SMTP address,etc.

    The regular clients works as usual,not any problem in sending and recieving mail,but there are permanent problems with the last deleted users and newly created users.

    What tool have I to apply ti solve these issues? What might be the reason to that?

    Please help soon,thks in ahead !

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    Re: exchange 2003 strange 'behaviour'

    event logs and google.
    a search term search as "deleted user still appears in gal"
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      Re: exchange 2003 strange 'behaviour'

      For a confirmation. did you deleted or or disabled it.


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        Re: exchange 2003 strange 'behaviour'

        Could be a issue with RUS not running or not running correctly or the OAB if you use Outlook in cached mode.

        Not enough information to be more specific.


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          Re: exchange 2003 strange 'behaviour'

          thks - I have cheked it already, together with other Exchange-related sites,blogs,etc.

          Anyhow,I 'll check these sources again

          Just now I got that Exchange Server Event Viewer Replication notice of "13512" event id

          Can it be hardware fialure? - seems unusual,because other clients work
          without any difficulty

          thks for your kind reply


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            Re: exchange 2003 strange 'behaviour'

            Event Log entries are MUCH more useful when the full event log entry is posted, not just the event id.

            If you post the full event log, personally, I'll be more inclined to try and research it for you
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