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Import SSL Certificare to Nokia N95

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  • Import SSL Certificare to Nokia N95

    hi all,

    I use exhange 2003 IIS 6 and my own ssl Certificate.
    When I click on the cer file in my n95 phone I got error Unsupported file type.
    I tried to send it via bluetooth and still not working.

    I should use some software to get it works.

    I export the file as DER.

    I think that
    Please Advice,

    Thanks Roey.

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    Re: Import SSL Certificate to Nokia N95

    Buy a supported certificate for US$30 a year. I don't bother with trying to get self generated certificates to work, waste of time.

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      Re: Import SSL Certificare to Nokia N95

      My MD used to have an N95 and it pretty much just worked, he used the Nokia software to transfer it, clicked on the certificate and that was that. I take it that you are using the Root Certificate, exported as DER encoded X.509 and the file extension is .CER?

      Personally I prefer to use internal CAs rather than buying certificates, but then I know more about CAs than I do about Exchange, which now that I think about it is rather sad. I only use purchased certificates on externally published websites which are used by customers.
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