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SMTP domain's in Exchange 2003

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  • SMTP domain's in Exchange 2003

    I have an internal exchange server 2003 running for only internal mail traffic ([email protected]) is the email address and domain.local is my active directory name. all our outside emails are hosted and users have POP/IMAP profiles configured. Now I want to get rid of my hosting provider and I am going to host my all emails internally

    What I have

    A Static IP address (from ISP)
    Cisco Firewall
    Trend Micro IMSS licenses ( need to install and configure and my SMTP smart host)

    My challenges where need help from you guys:-

    My external registered domain name and email address DNS suffix is different. i.e. user[email protected] is the hosted email address and locally he has [email protected]. I want to use only the first as my primary email address for everyone, how I can achieve that? I know I can create an email address policy in exchange server 2003 for this particular address but how I will configure my MX pointer in my registered domain name?
    Since I will be using IMSS gateway for my SMTP traffic. how do I configure my internal NAT and MX record?

    Kindly help me

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    Re: SMTP domain's in Exchange 2003

    using recipient policy services, assign a new address that meets your requirements, for instance %g.%[email protected]

    ask your current domain name hosting company to change your MX record to be the IP address of your static IP you mentioned

    Ensure that at your cisco router, you have forwarded port 25 from the static IP to the appropriate inbound server (probably the trend micro IMSS, but I don't know what this is)

    Ensure tghat the TRend Micro IMSS is able to connect to port 25 on thre exchange server

    ensure that the Exchange server has Trend Micro IMSS as it's "nexthop" or smart host

    should take care of it for you.. pls come back and ask more if you need
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      Re: SMTP domain's in Exchange 2003

      Yeah Pretty much the same as Mr. TechCamel has said
      Thanks & Regards

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