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Microsoft Exchange Best Practices Analyzer Issues

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  • Microsoft Exchange Best Practices Analyzer Issues

    Greetings all,

    I saw many posts about the /3GB switch, which I have already done towards my exchange server, but my question is, when i make the 3GB switch do I have to go in a change my paging file size in Windows? I have ran the MS Exchange Best Practices Analyzer and I have 2 critical issues
    1. 'HeapDeCommitFreeBlock Threshold' not set
    2. Paging file larger than Physical Memory

    I have 4GB of memory and have the /3GB switch in place. I bring this up because I have been getting lots of outlook balloons with exchange and I am trying to isolate the issue and get it resolved.

    Thank you in advanced for your help everyone.


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    Re: Microsoft Exchange Best Practices Analyzer Issues

    start with disk ave. read /sec and disk ave. write /sec and cross refernce with rpc latency. Slow disks are usually the issue.


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      Re: Microsoft Exchange Best Practises Analyzer Issues

      The HeapDeCommitFreeBlock I see on every server that has the tool run on it. Set it and forget it. The page file issue, that is quite common because of the limit on the size of the page file.
      Personally I never put more than 2gb of RAM in an Exchange 2003 system as you cannot use all of it anyway.

      Otherwise the above poster referring to the speed of the disks is probably spot on. Run the Exchange performance troubleshooting during production hours, it will soon tell you if storage is the problem.

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