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Exchange Offline defrag and transaction logs?

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  • Exchange Offline defrag and transaction logs?

    Hi All,
    I am doing an Exchange 2003 offline defrag from another computer since the other computer has more disk space, memory and a better processor. So I dismounted the store, copied everything from MDBDATA (including transaction log files) to the other computer and I am doing a defrag from there. When finished I am going to copy back the new compacted edb and stm files back to my exchange server, but would I also have to copy the transaction log files too?
    Thank you

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    Re: Exchange Offline defrag and transaction logs?

    First - why are you doing an offline defrag?
    It is not something that you must do, or should be doing as a regular occurrence. It is not risk free and can result in data loss.

    The transaction logs are useless to you after an offline defrag because you have replaced the database. I believe the instructions for the process say to remove the logs, although I haven't looked at them for some time as I simply do not do offline defrags.

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